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What a crappy way to celebrate New Year's Eve.
...But have a good one. With apples and no colds. Yes.


St John Street said...

Happy new year's and all that good stuff I hope you keep rocking the world with the kickass animation of atomic betty, all the best in the new year with all u do.

Gulzar said...

I came across your blog thru Goro's blog.This is neat stuffs you have here. Keep it up! I love pirates...I just adore them,Keep posting.I'll come back for more...

Happy new year to you dear...n may the coming the year brings loads of happiness to you...amen!

Alina Chau said...

AWESOME Postings!! WOW!! YOur latest postings are amazing!! Happy NEw YEAR!

Alan said...

Hey Clio, I didn't know you were doing flash for Atomic Betty. That's pretty cool.

Fantastic image by the way! I too have a soft spot for pirates. With your super fast output, you should consider putting out a book for the San Diego comic-con someday.

Nick Dellhall said...

Happy New Year!


Oh well, if it makes u feel better I have been having a crappy new year eve / new year :)

Clio said...

St. John, Gulzar, Alina - thanks! Happy New Year to you guys too!

Alan: Yup, I've been here since May. It's like Flash animation boot camp. I've learned a lot, it's a fun show. And fast-paced enough for my seeming ADD-ness. I was thinking about putting another sketchfolio thing for SD, actually... I dunno if I should put comics or just drawings in it...?

Oiy Nick - hope it wasn't TOO terrible. I was kind of sick-ish, but we were watching Harold and Kumar so it wasn't so bad.

Lizzelizzel said...

that is like, soooo nice

Alan said...

Flash boot camp? Ha! You can definitely learn a lot of survival techniques in that kind of environment.

I guess it depends on what you feel like doing for your sketchfolio thing. I'm just responding to all you nice work on the blog and your site but if you want to mix it up and throw some comics in there as well that's cool too. I'm sure it will be a hit either way.

I always like the way Masamune Shirow does Intron Depot where he would have a finished piece of art and some commentary on the side regarding the drawing. It's always fascinating to me to see what someone is thinking when they draw something.

Andre Moore said...

this is a really nice pic! Glad i ran across your blog you have some really good stuff. Check mine out when you get a chance.

Clio said...

Oh yeah, and Alan? A proper book sounds great (instead of those photocopied stapler things I used to make), I'll have to see if I can make one for next year though, this year will be some travelling, but I'll see to it for sure.